Accelerate the opening of test applications to seize the high ground of the smart car industry

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Commentator Kejian, Keguang

The Hainan Province Intelligent Vehicle Road Test and Demonstration Application Management Joint Working Group recently announced that the G9812 Haiqiong Expressway Jiaji Interchange to Changpo Interchange will be the first batch of intelligent vehicle open test and demonstration application highway sections in Hainan Province, which is also the first open road in China. Intelligent car highway test section.

The road section is 23.072 kilometers in length, covering rich application scenarios such as bridges, curves, ramps, intercommunication import and export, and road signs. It is conducive to the rapid implementation of specific high-speed scenarios of autonomous driving technology above L3, which is important for the development of smart cars in Hainan Province. Have a positive role in promoting. Up to now, Hainan Province has released a total of more than 150 kilometers of open test and demonstration application roads.

The release of the first open highway autonomous driving test road in Hainan Province this time is a series of innovative measures for Hainan to promote the development of the smart car industry. It will also provide early verification and data support for the country to actively explore and promote highway testing and application demonstrations. As a typical format of the new generation of information technology and the deep integration of the real economy, intelligent connected vehicles are in line with the industrial layout requirements of the Hainan Free Trade Port construction, and are also an important starting point for the development of "Smart Hainan" and other development strategies. We must make full use of our respective trade and port policies and conveniences to stimulate the development potential of high-tech industries, and strive to seize the opportunities in this emerging industry to create an internationally influential intelligence. The automobile industry demonstration zone contributes.


1. The first injection ends on March 15th. More than 50,000 people in Longhua District, Haikou City, have been vaccinated against the new crown

As of March 10, the number of people vaccinated for free new crown vaccination in Longhua District, Haikou City has reached more than 50,000 people. It is reported that the first dose of this batch of free new crown vaccines will expire on March 15. Citizens can enter the Haikou New Crown Vaccine Appointment System online to make an appointment for vaccination. Download on your mobile phone and click on the "New Crown Vaccine Emergency Vaccination Platform" carousel on the home page of the "Yecheng Minyun" APP or directly click on the "New Crown Vaccination" entry on the home page.

——Haikou Net


2. "Cheer for the Boao Forum for Asia" Hainan Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. completed the construction of the first hydrogen energy charging facility in Hainan Province

On March 11, the first hydrogen filling facility in Hainan Province, which was designed and constructed by Hainan Refining & Chemical Corporation, was successfully completed and put into use, ensuring that the State Power Investment Corporation will conduct hydrogen fuel cell bus demonstration and demonstration operations during the Boao Forum for Asia this year. The project has a designed processing capacity of 1800 standard cubic meters per hour, which can purify and recover the hydrogen production desorption gas, RDS-PSA tail gas and gas tank recovery gas produced by Hainan Refinery, realize the recycling of tail gas, and further increase the hydrogen production capacity.

——Hainan Daily


3. The Yangpu Workstation of the State Key Laboratory of Shipping Technology and Safety was officially inaugurated and established

On March 10, the Yangpu Workstation of the State Key Laboratory of Shipping Technology and Safety was officially inaugurated. The establishment of the workstation will provide solid personnel guarantee and technical support for the development of Yangpu Port and Shipping Industry. The Yangpu Workstation of the State Key Laboratory of Shipping Technology and Safety is a good start for the scientific and technological innovation of Yangpu Port and Shipping. After its establishment, it will rely on the advanced technology, talents, capital and other advantages of the Shanghai Ship Research Institute to enhance Yangpu’s port and shipping technology innovation capabilities. Improve the infrastructure construction of Yangpu port and shipping, help Yangpu build a new international shipping hub for land and sea channels in the west, and accelerate the construction of Yangpu as a pilot zone and demonstration zone for Hainan Free Trade Port, a growth pole for the province's high-quality development.

——New Hainan Client


4. Hainan releases the first open smart car highway test section in China

On March 11, the reporter learned from the Hainan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology that the Hainan Provincial Intelligent Vehicle Road Testing and Demonstration Application Management Joint Working Group recently connected the G9812 Haiqiong Expressway Jiaji Interchange to the Changpo Interchange as the first batch of intelligent vehicles in the province. Automobile open test and demonstration application highway section, this is also the first open intelligent automobile highway test section in China. It is reported that the road section has a total length of 23.072 kilometers, covering rich application scenarios such as bridges, curves, ramps, intercommunication entrances and exits, and road signs. The development of automobiles has an active role in promoting. Up to now, the province has cumulatively released more than 150 kilometers of open test and demonstration application roads.

——Haikou Daily


5. Oxford's new crown vaccine technology can be used to treat cancer

According to the British "Times" report, a biotechnology company founded by two leaders of the Oxford University Coronavirus Vaccine Team intends to use the same technology to bring about a "revolution" in cancer treatment. This research relies on the use of harmless viruses that have been engineered to carry genetic material into patients’ cells. The purpose of this is to mobilize the immune system, especially a component called T cells, to destroy cancer cells. Researcher Hill said: "This technology has the potential to make therapeutic vaccination a very cost-effective and common component of most cancer treatments."

——Reference News Network


6. The moon has re-emerged as the center of gravity for space exploration

Russia and China announced on the 9th that they would jointly build an international lunar research station. The moon is now at the center of many ambitious projects around the world. According to reports, Asian aerospace giants are expected to achieve a manned moon landing in 2030. China has already taken a big step in early 2019. The Chinese probe landed on the back of the moon, this is the first time in human history. This proves China's status as a major aerospace power. In December 2020, China's Chang'e-5 brought lunar soil samples back to Earth. This is the first time a country has obtained lunar soil in more than 40 years. The last time it was dated back to 1976. The report pointed out that the European Space Agency, which has contributed to this project, has obtained three positions for the future space station for Europeans, and the moon has become the center of space exploration again.

——China Daily


7. The shortage of sand will affect the world's new crown vaccine production

The British "Daily Mail" website recently published a report entitled "Global sand shortage may mean that enough glass bottles cannot be produced for the new crown vaccine." Experts warned that the world is facing a crisis of sand shortage. With the distribution of the new crown vaccine, it is estimated that 2 billion glass medicine bottles will be needed in the world in the next two years, which will further increase the demand for sand. Except for water, sand is the most consumed raw material in the world. It is widely used to make glass, concrete, asphalt, and even silicon microchips. The construction industry alone needs to consume up to 50 billion tons of sand every year, and with the distribution of the new crown vaccine, it is estimated that the world will need 2 billion glass medicine bottles in the next two years, which will further increase the demand for sand.

——World Wide Web


8. Zhijiang Laboratory carried out research and development of artificial olfactory and taste sensors, and achieved initial results

On the 11th, the reporter learned from the Zhijiang Laboratory in Zhejiang that the research and development of artificial olfactory and taste sensors and related technologies carried out by Wang Di, a research expert in the Super Sensing Research Center of the laboratory and related technologies, has obtained handheld breathing acetone detection equipment and miniaturization. Important achievements such as the olfactory sensor prototype 1.0. At present, most of the gas detection equipment is mainly for toxic and harmful gas monitoring, and there is still a lot of room for "gold rush" in terms of intelligent technology iteration and application scenarios development. It is reported that the subject only needs to blow into the device. When the gas passes through the detection unit, the acetone-sensitive material will specifically react with the acetone in it and change its color, causing the light signal in the sensor to change, which is finally converted into an electrical signal. Output the acetone content data.



9. The domestic coronagraph successfully obtained the white light corona image

Recently, the white light coronagraph jointly developed by the Yunnan Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Changchun Institute of Optics and Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shandong University (Weihai) successfully obtained the first domestic coronal white light image in Wuming Mountain, Daocheng County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. In the coronal observation, the telescope must first completely block the light from the sun's circular surface, and then suppress its scattering of light to the lowest level, and then use a special optical structure to produce the "artificial total solar eclipse" scene. At the same time, the scattering of sunlight by the earth’s atmosphere will seriously interfere with the observation of the corona, and the best observation location is often on the top of a mountain where the level of atmospheric scattering is low. At present, only a few countries in the world have mastered the design and manufacturing technology of white light coronagraphs.



10. The display can also "wear" on the upper body. Chinese scientists independently developed a fully flexible fabric display system

Have you ever thought about a monitor "worn" on your body? You can watch news, send messages, and even follow dramas just by tapping on your clothes. Perhaps this is about to become a reality. Recently, the team of Professor Peng Huisheng of the Department of Macromolecular Science of Fudan University successfully integrated the display device preparation with the fabric weaving process, integrated multifunctional micro light-emitting devices at the interweaving points of polymer composite fibers, and revealed the unique law of electric field distribution between fiber electrodes. A large-area flexible display fabric and an intelligent integrated system are realized. On March 11, the paper was published online in Nature. The reviewers commented that they "created important and valuable new knowledge."

——People's Daily Online


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